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Which of these sound familiar?

Board and train dogs Thailand
Your dog pulls you around like a train on their leash and no lead or harness seems to help.
They are so protective of you that no one can get anywhere close.
People cross the road when they see you two but all your dog wants is to say ‘hello’.
If your dog sees something interesting when off leash, they’ll run after it and you can’t call them back.
Your dog is the sweetest girl at home, but a real nightmare whenever she goes on a walk. She'll bark at everyone, push herself (so she's standing on her back paws) and bark a lot whenever she sees a person, a car, a motorbike or other dogs.

You are not alone!

Based on 6 reviews
Thank you so much for helping me with my dog. It was becoming very stressful and your understanding of dogs has now stopped the neighbours complaining about the excessive barking.
Thank you!!!
Phyllis Mason
Phyllis Mason
Very good. Would suggest using if you are having troubles with your dog.
Jacob Larson
Jacob Larson
Great service from first contact, good visits and I have much better understanding of my dog whose behaviour is much better.
Kenneth Morrison
Kenneth Morrison
My Huskey was causing me lots of issues. Almost pulling me over when working if she sees another dog. Lost of barking at dogs and people. Within 10 days she is a very nice dog now.
Tero Mauno
Tero Mauno
Very professional and experienced English trainer. I recommend to anyone who need help to get dog trained .

Most dogs are naughty and rebellious by nature until they are modelled into disciplined and reliable pets.

I'm Neena.

My name is Neena and I train troublesome dogs into well-mannered furry companions. I am a modern canine trainer & behaviourist whose dog training system is inspired by 35 years of experience which encompasses history, education, life experience, politics, and practicality.

I have helped thousands of dog owners like yourself not only improve and restore balance in the relationship between them and their dogs but regain their dog’s trust.

Having worked with all types of dogs over the years, I have practical knowledge of how to help your dog. And can empower you with the right knowledge and tools that will make each moment spent with your furry friend a lot more stress-free and enjoyable.
The Farang dog trainer


The Farang dog trainer
Years of Training

We've made working with us simple and straight forward.

Dog training in Phuket, Thailand can seem like a minefield at times, but we’ve streamlined the process of working with us to make it all that little bit easier for you and your dog.

Let’s Chat.

Get in touch let’s discuss your concerns and goals for your dog's training. I will be happy to provide you with advice on your options and answer any questions you may have.

Book Your Session.

At the end of our discussion when we’ve decided on the best approach for your dog’s needs, you can schedule your session at a date and time that works for you and your dog.

Start Your Training.

When you arrive at our facility, we’ll briefly discussion your goals and our strategies once again. Then, we will begin working with you on the areas of focus for your training session.

Easy-To-Follow Lessons.

Our training method is stripped of all unnecessary details so you and your dog can practise what you learned and reach your dog training goals faster.

Ongoing Support.

Success takes time, effort, and collaboration. That's why we offer additional discounted sessions, classes, and support to help you reach your goals. Remember, it took more than a day to build Rome, so don't be discouraged if progress takes time.

Reach Your Goals.

Your dog deserves the opportunity to live its best life. By committing to your training goals, you and your dog will be rewarded with amazing results and an even stronger bond than you ever imagined possible.

Where Do You Need Help?

Fear & Aggression


Do you own or have you ever met a dog that always seemed scared or overly aggressive towards everyone?
Separation Anxiety


Does your dog exhibit a range of behaviors such as pacing, barking, whining, chewing, digging, or attempting to escape when you leave?
Resource Garding


This type of behaviour speaks for itself, it is the act of aggressively protecting objects such as toys, food, or even people.
Dog Training


My Dog Training Program is based on creating a relationship through a solid foundation and clear communication.
puppy Training


It can take years to find out what your puppy needs from you but I can show you in just two sessions.
puppy training


With this program your dog will stay with my family (two children and three dogs) throughout the course of its lessons.

Other Dog Behaviour Problems I Excel At Resolving.

Darting Through Open Doors




Toilet Training




Pulling on the Leash


Jumping on People


Excessive Barking


Fear on leash


Not Coming When Called


Nipping & Mouthing




Reactive Dogs


Dogs don't outgrow bad behaviour.

Call us now before your dog's behaviour grows into a habit.
Fix Bad Behaviours Now

Professional Dog Trainer in Phuket

Through mutual understanding and clear expectations, our adult obedience Dog training in Phuket is the most successful choice for kickstarting your dog's obedience training, improving confidence, and developing a better owner-dog attachment. Your dog will be on- and off-leash trained, comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings, and receptive to owner commands by the conclusion of our program.

Our mission is to make life easier, safer, and more fun for you and your dog. At Dog Trainer Thailand, our Professional Dog Trainer in Phuket believes that clear and efficient communication is the foundation of a happy, healthy, and respectful connection between pet parent and canine. Our personalized Board and train dogs Thailand regimens are built around a set of well-defined goals and objectives that will set you up for a long-term connection with your furry family member.

Client Reviews

  • Neena has given us hope. He closely watched our dog's behaviour and gave us recommendations for training steps to try to help him overcome his separation anxiety which had become a real burden. We know it will take time and we are already making great progress. Our training is tailored to our dog and instructions specific to life in our home which increases speed of results. Thank you.


  • Our dog has stayed with Neena many times and always comes back to us happy and well exercised. It's not easy leaving your dog with someone else, but knowing he takes such good care and treats her like part of the family is very reassuring. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Peter to anyone looking for boarding or training for their dog.


  • Working with Patchani Pamboot has been the best thing that happened in my career. I am a vet by profession and have worked with Peter on a number of projects, and I can with certainty attest that he is one of the best military-certified dog trainers I have met. Every time I refer my clients to him, all I receive are thank notes and much appreciation from my clients. Keep doing a good job, buddy.

    WM Harrison

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I believe that 98% of all dogs can be trained to have basic manners, respect and unwanted behaviours removed regardless of breed, size or age!
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